Wheelchair Auto

Designed by the Hungarian company Rehab, the Kenguru is a car that has been designed with wheelchair users in mind. The back flip opens up and the wheelchair pulls right inside. Using a joystick controller to steer the vehicle provides a very simple and highly accessible transportation option for disabled users.

Rear wheel belt drive, with 2 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for each wheel
Performance: 2Kw/150Nm per
Motor Operating Voltage: 32V AC
Vehicle Supply Voltage: 48V DC
Brushless internal Rotor
Running Gear
Independent double wishbone wheel suspensing in the front
Twin single sided swingarms in the back
Shock absorber with adjustable preload
4 hydraulic disc brakes
Electro-mechanical parking brake
Locking brake operating on the front wheels
Rimsize: 12*2, 2
Wheelsize: 12×2.2 inches
Tire size: 100/ 90-12

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