Kinetically Charged Wheelchair For Safer Night Riding

This smart, self-powered wheelchair concept uses kinetic wheel motion to produce and store electricity that is used to light LED lights at night.

Electric coil and magnets in the wheel hub generate electricity

The wheels that generated the electricity during the day, help provide a safer–if not more stylish–journey at night.

The concept was designed by a group of South Korean designers, including Min-Goo Kim, Yun-Jin Chang and Su-Eun Park.

  1. LED: it emits light.
  2. Wheel cover: it protects all LEDS from the outside environment.
  3. Magnet: it helps generate electricity while rolling
  4. Coil: it conveys electric power through wires to the switch and LEDs
  5. Gear: is is like a bridge between the wheel and magnet
  6. Small cover: it protects an independent electric power plant
  7. LCD: it shows how much power is remaining

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