i-limb Ultra Prosthetic Hand

The i-limb ultra by Touch Bionics, is a prosthetic hand is designed for those who want more from a prosthesis.

The i-LIMB Ultra looks and moves more like a natural hand than many powered prosthetic hands currently on the market. Each finger moves independently and bends at the natural joints so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object you want to grasp. It has five individually powered articulating fingers and manually rotatable thumb and wrist, plus exercising strength proportional to the input signal with pulsing for increased grip force.

Skin coverings

i-limb skin active is a thin layer of semi-transparent, flesh colored or black material that has been computer-modeled to accurately wrap to every contour of the hand. i-limb skin active is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

i-limb skin natural is a lifelike covering that gives a more cosmetic appearance. i-limb skin natural is vailable in ten different skin shades for both genders.

i-limb skin match is the most realistic covering option possible. For i-lim skin match, the silicon skin is hand painted to exactly match the user’s skin tone and features… or a more creative, artistic design.

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