Horizon All-Terrain E-Trike

outriderhorizonOutrider‘s latest e-Trike is gearing up to get paraplegics, quadriplegics and others with disabilities wheeling over pavement and dirt. Outrider’s goal is to develop a production trike that can be powered by peddling with the legs or hands or the Horizon can be powered entirely with an electric hub motor.

The Adaptive Trikes branch of Outrider was created to quench that thirst for adventure – offering adapted use trikes for individuals and groups built with the same high-performance and craftsmanship that has made Outrider a leader in the electric bike industry.

Controls: Standard Handles or Tri-Pin handles (if you have limited use of your hands)
Pedals: Foot Pedals, Hand Pedals, or Foot Tray
Additional features that increase accessibility for individuals with physical disabilities:

  • Actuated Seat (rising) to make getting in and out of the seat easier
  • Fold down handlebars for side entry to the seat
  • Three wheels and low center of gravity make balancing simple

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