Proloquo2Go Touch-To-Speak

Proloquo2Go costs $189.99 and converts an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a complete touch-to-speak tool for those that can’t use their voice. Proloquo2Go provides natural sounding text-to-speech voices (CURRENTLY AMERICAN, BRITISH, AUSTRALIAN, and INDIAN ENGLISH ONLY), a high resolution library of over 14,000 symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, two researched-based vocabulary organizations, advanced word prediction, multiuser support, and the ability to fully customize vocabularies for users along a broad continuum of abilities, from beginning symbolic communication to full literacy.

Tongue Drive System

Tongue Drive is a wireless mouth retainer that enables people with high-level spinal cord injuries to operate a computer and maneuver an electrically powered wheelchair simply by moving their tongues.

Tongue Drive System by Georgia Institute of Technology

The latest prototype of the Tongue Drive System lets users wear a dental retainer embedded with sensors that track the location of a tiny magnet attached to the tongues of users. This is achieved by giving participants a “clinical” tongue piercing and tongue stud containing a tiny magnet embedded in the upper ball.

Tongue Drive System Dental Retainer

The dental appliance for the new intraoral Tongue Drive System contains magnetic field sensors mounted on its four corners that detect movement of a tiny magnet attached to the tongue. It also includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an induction coil to charge the battery. The circuitry fits in the space available on the retainer, which sits against the roof of the mouth and is covered with an insulating, water-resistant material and vacuum-molded inside standard dental acrylic.

Rock Vibe – Accessible Gaming

“Rock Vibe makes it possible for blind and sighted gamers to play a musical rhythm game on their PCs or Macs. It’s one of the first games of its kind, and once the game is complete, several 2-player Rock Vibes will be donated to organizations that work with blind children. Today, Rock Vibe needs your help, so its development can be completed.”

Support Rock Vibe on Kickstarter! (This project will only be funded if at least $16.500 is pledged by tomorrow – saturday Feb 25, 10:24pm EST!!!)

BrailleTouch for touchscreen mobile devices

“Touchscreens on everything from coffee makers to treadmills are intended to provide better user experiences, but they can create a navigational nightmare for the visually impaired.”

A new technology developed at Georgia Tech, makes touchscreens more accessible to visually impaired people.

via Boing Boing “For Texting Without Looking, Researchers Adapt Braille” (February 2012)

Android App – DeafNote Free

DeafNote is a note application that allows the user to easily add, delete, edit, save and seek notes. The font can easily be decrease or increase, reducing the need to hand the device over to a stranger so they can read the text. There is also an export feature to save notes to a file or on a SD card.

The application is highly rated, and is as easy to use as a pen and paper–a time proven non-verbal method of communication.

WHILL – Snap-On Powered Wheelchair System

Add electric drive to any ordinary, manual wheelchair with the WHILL snap-on wheels. Using this new concept, manual wheelchairs can reach top speeds of over 12 mph/19 kmh.

WHILL is an aftermarket device with two circular hubs that fit over the outside of the wheelchair’s wheels are connected by a curved bar. Direction and speed is adjusted by operating the curved control section that connects the two hubs.

After locking the hubs onto the wheels, the user steers the chair by leaning and pushing against the central waist bar. Each hub has a 24-volt motor powered by a lithium-ion battery, which helps the wheels turn and move. The battery will allow a range of approximately 19 miles/30 kilometers before requiring a 2-hour charge.

The Japan based WHILL company, is currently looking for wheelchair users to help field test the prototype device. Feedback from test users will influence the design of the final, commercial product.

Kinetically Charged Wheelchair For Safer Night Riding

This smart, self-powered wheelchair concept uses kinetic wheel motion to produce and store electricity that is used to light LED lights at night.

Electric coil and magnets in the wheel hub generate electricity

The wheels that generated the electricity during the day, help provide a safer–if not more stylish–journey at night.

The concept was designed by a group of South Korean designers, including Min-Goo Kim, Yun-Jin Chang and Su-Eun Park.

  1. LED: it emits light.
  2. Wheel cover: it protects all LEDS from the outside environment.
  3. Magnet: it helps generate electricity while rolling
  4. Coil: it conveys electric power through wires to the switch and LEDs
  5. Gear: is is like a bridge between the wheel and magnet
  6. Small cover: it protects an independent electric power plant
  7. LCD: it shows how much power is remaining

The vOICe – Augmented Reality for Visually Impaired

The vOICe is an Augmented Reality app for Android that helps users ‘see’ with their ears by mapping a live camera feed with a soundscape. This offers an augmented reality for the visually impaired, using sensory substitution and computer vision. Also included is an audio color identifier, talking compass, face detector and GPS.

How It Works

The vOICe uses pitch for height and loudness for brightness in one-second left to right scans of any view: a rising bright line sounds as a rising tone, a bright spot as a beep, a bright filled rectangle as a noise burst, a vertical grid as a rhythm. Best used with stereo headphones for the most immersive experience and most detailed auditory resolution.

i-limb Ultra Prosthetic Hand

The i-limb ultra by Touch Bionics, is a prosthetic hand is designed for those who want more from a prosthesis.

The i-LIMB Ultra looks and moves more like a natural hand than many powered prosthetic hands currently on the market. Each finger moves independently and bends at the natural joints so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object you want to grasp. It has five individually powered articulating fingers and manually rotatable thumb and wrist, plus exercising strength proportional to the input signal with pulsing for increased grip force.

Skin coverings

i-limb skin active is a thin layer of semi-transparent, flesh colored or black material that has been computer-modeled to accurately wrap to every contour of the hand. i-limb skin active is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

i-limb skin natural is a lifelike covering that gives a more cosmetic appearance. i-limb skin natural is vailable in ten different skin shades for both genders.

i-limb skin match is the most realistic covering option possible. For i-lim skin match, the silicon skin is hand painted to exactly match the user’s skin tone and features… or a more creative, artistic design.