Proloquo2Go Touch-To-Speak

Proloquo2Go costs $189.99 and converts an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a complete touch-to-speak tool for those that can’t use their voice. Proloquo2Go provides natural sounding text-to-speech voices (CURRENTLY AMERICAN, BRITISH, AUSTRALIAN, and INDIAN ENGLISH ONLY), a high resolution library of over 14,000 symbols, powerful automatic conjugations, two researched-based vocabulary organizations, advanced word prediction, multiuser support, and the ability to fully customize vocabularies for users along a broad continuum of abilities, from beginning symbolic communication to full literacy.

Rock Vibe – Accessible Gaming

“Rock Vibe makes it possible for blind and sighted gamers to play a musical rhythm game on their PCs or Macs. It’s one of the first games of its kind, and once the game is complete, several 2-player Rock Vibes will be donated to organizations that work with blind children. Today, Rock Vibe needs your help, so its development can be completed.”

Support Rock Vibe on Kickstarter! (This project will only be funded if at least $16.500 is pledged by tomorrow – saturday Feb 25, 10:24pm EST!!!)

BrailleTouch for touchscreen mobile devices

“Touchscreens on everything from coffee makers to treadmills are intended to provide better user experiences, but they can create a navigational nightmare for the visually impaired.”

A new technology developed at Georgia Tech, makes touchscreens more accessible to visually impaired people.

via Boing Boing “For Texting Without Looking, Researchers Adapt Braille” (February 2012)

Android App – DeafNote Free

DeafNote is a note application that allows the user to easily add, delete, edit, save and seek notes. The font can easily be decrease or increase, reducing the need to hand the device over to a stranger so they can read the text. There is also an export feature to save notes to a file or on a SD card.

The application is highly rated, and is as easy to use as a pen and paper–a time proven non-verbal method of communication.

The vOICe – Augmented Reality for Visually Impaired

The vOICe is an Augmented Reality app for Android that helps users ‘see’ with their ears by mapping a live camera feed with a soundscape. This offers an augmented reality for the visually impaired, using sensory substitution and computer vision. Also included is an audio color identifier, talking compass, face detector and GPS.

How It Works

The vOICe uses pitch for height and loudness for brightness in one-second left to right scans of any view: a rising bright line sounds as a rising tone, a bright spot as a beep, a bright filled rectangle as a noise burst, a vertical grid as a rhythm. Best used with stereo headphones for the most immersive experience and most detailed auditory resolution.